Bodies by Mayah is the next generation of dance and fitness wear basics. Eco-conscious workout wear is possible and should be the natural choice for a new breed of athletes and dancers. Feel the Movement.



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Feel the Movement! Eco-conscious body wear is possible and should be the natural choice for a new breed of athletes and dancers.
We are committed to a movement towards full transparency and sustainability. A movement of being as eco-friendly as possible with our choices in fabrics, who crafts our products, and where they are made. A movement that is good for our environment, the workers, and for those who choose our products. We have the full understanding that comfort and durability is a priority for dance and athletic performance wear and believe we can provide that in a sustainable product line.
Feeling good about your choices of active and dance wear is now easier. We hope you choose comfort with a conscience, and feel a part of the movement towards sustainable fashion by wearing, Bodies By Mayah.
Bodies By Mayah was founded in 2017 with a wide vision of promoting health, positive body image and women empowerment. While we have always had environmentally conscious roots, this was not an easy match for the performance wear we were used to wearing and promoting. After nearly a year of searching, developing and designing we were able to meet our conscious fashion goals best to creating our own product lines! – This new direction and movement for our company aims to abide by the tenets of sustainability, recyclability, and reusability. An eco-chic, luxury basics brand of dance and athletic wear.

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